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Static Heat and Cooling Meter


  • The T550 (UH50…) meter is used to measure thermal energy in district heating and cooling networks and in multi-family houses. It is available as a heat meter, combined heat/cooling meter, as Ultracold for cooling applications or for pure flow measurement in systems using water as medium.

About the T550 ULTRAHEAT/ULTRACOLD/Flow Sensor

Ultrasonic meter to measure flow and energy in a heat or cooling circuit with water using the ultrasonic principle.

Tariff options are:
  1. Tariff registers with up to 3 different threshold values for flowrate, power, return- or flow temperature, or temperature difference. [T2-T6]
  2. Registration of supplied or returned thermal energy. [T7,T8]
  3. Combined heat/cooling metering with automatic switchover and selectable temperature thresholds. [T9]
  4. Tariff registers with daily switch on/off times [T10]
  5. Tariff registers switched on/off via M-bus [T11]
  6. Surcharge quantity tariff by means of return temperature [T12]


  • Non-wearing due to non-moving parts
  • Measuring range of flow 1:100 according to EN 1434, 1:1000 total range
  • Any mounting orientation, in flow or return, no setting sections or flow straighteners
  • Power measurement with maximum values, tariffs selectable
  • Data logger for system monitoring
  • 60 monthly values
  • Logbook
  • Battery or mains operated
  • Optical interface according to EN 62056-21
  • Wide range of communication modules for remote readout and system connection
  • 2 slots for using 2 communication modules simultaneously
  • Also operable as a flow meter, cooling or combined heat/cooling meter
  • Self-diagnostics

Outstanding Warranty

Interfaces of the electronic unit

UH50 meters are all equipped with an optical interface according to EN 62056-21 as standard, e.g. for communication with the service software via an optical head.
In addition, up to two of the following communications modules can be added for remote readout:
  • Pulse module with two outputs (heat and volume/cooling/unit status and tariff register). The pulse values and pulse length for connection to a controller can be individually parameterized.* A special version of the pulse module is available with an Opto-MOS output. Advantages: low voltage drop and reverse polarity protected (bipolar).
  • Current loop module, CL 20 mA current loop according to EN 62056-21 is used to read out the consumption values with a point-to-point connection.
  • M-Bus module G4 according to EN 1434-3 with fixed or variable data frame. The variable data frame can individually be adjusted. Fast read out mode for coupling with a suitable heating controller. *
  • M-Bus module G4-MI with 2 pulse inputs for the connection of up to 2 water meters to a MBus-system.*
  • Analog module with 2 outputs for 0-10V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA. Values selectable (flowrate, power, flow temperature, return temperature, temperature difference) Scaling of the output is free selectable.
  • Radio module (readout consumption values via radio) with 2 pulse inputs for installation of up to 2 water meters (frequency 433MHZ, range up to 200m)
  • GSM (readout via SMS) with 2 pulse inputs, transmission of the consumption values via SMS
  • GPRS, transmission of the consumption values via email, ftp, http, or SMS; integrated M-Bus Master, with up to 8 additional M-Bus-meters connectable.
*can be parameterized with the service software
These modules do not affect acquisition of the consumption and can therefore be retrofitted at any time without affecting the calibration mark.
Landis+ Gyr T550 Ultraheat Ultracold Flow Sensor

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