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WMVOL-H 15 Volumetric Hot Water Meter


  • Residential hot potable water
  • Commercial hot potable water

About the WMVOL-H 15 Volumetric Hot Water Meter

The WMVOL-H 15 Volumetric Hot Water Meter is suitable for residential and commercial hot potable water applications and is available in 15mm size.  The meter has been designed to minimise tampering.  The dry dial register is sealed to ensure a clear read.


  • Low starting flow rate and excellent metrological performance
  • Measuring chamber design offers extreme accuracy of the entire flow range
  • Anti-tamper sealing for security
  • Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance
  • Magnetic shield, use for external magnetic field protection
  • Sealed dry dial register ensures clearly read
  • Optional Pulse output Reed Switch
  • Conforms to ISO4064 Class "C"

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Technical Data

Description Unit  Technical Data
Body weight/Weight with connectors Kg 1.2/1.38
Maximum flow (Q max) kL/hr 3.0
Nominal flow rate (Qn) kL/hr 1.5
Transitional flow (Qt) l/h 22.5
Minimum flow (Q min) l/h 15
Start registration (Q start) m3/h < 0.004
Minimum reading kl 0.00005
Maximum reading kl 99999.99995
Operating pressure MPa < 1.6
Connector thread d R1/2
Body thread D G3/4B
Overall length (L) mm 105
Overall Length (L 1) mm 199/187
Width (W) mm 91
Height (H) mm 110
Temperature oC < 90
WMVOL-H 15 Volumetric Hot Water Meter

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