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Volumetric Cold Water Meter


  • Residential water feed
  • Commercial water feed for tenancies

About the WM-NWM-DC-25

The WM-NWM-DC-25 Volumetric Cold Water Meter is aimed at the Residential and Commercial Tenancies market. 

It can be fitted with a pulse output, external to the meter, for connection to an Energy Management System (EMS).  Constructed from DZE Brass, this meter is rugged and built to last in the harsh Australian environment.


  • Dual Check Valves
  • Body constructed from DZR Brass
  • Vacuum sealed, liquid filled cyclometer
  • Pulse output ready
  • Pulse devices can be fitted without removing the meter
  • Pattern approved to Australian NMI R-49
  • Available in sizes 20mm and 25mm

Outstanding Warranty

Technical Data

Description Units Technical Data
Item Measure BR-SC-20 BR-SC-25
Normal size mm 20 25
Maximum flow (Q4) m3/hr 5.0 7.8
Continuous flow (Q3) m3/hr 4.0 6.3
Transitional flow (Q2) l/h 32 64
Minimum flow (Q1) l/h 20 40
Minimum reading I 0.00002 0.00002
Maximum reading m3 99999.9998 99999.9998
Working pressure Mpa 1.6 1.6
Pressure loss at (Q max) Mpa <1.4 <1.4
Overall length (L) mm 242 282
Body length (L-1) mm 154 178
Width (W) mm 96 112
Temperature oC 50oC 50oC
WM-NWM-DC-25 Volumetric Cold Water Meter

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