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Volumetric Cold Water Meter


  • Residential water feed
  • Commercial water feed for tenancies

About the WM-NWM-PE-DC 20

The WM-NWM-PE-DC 20 Volumetric Cold Water Meter is aimed at the Residential and Commercial Tenancies market.  The meter is constructed predominantly of plastic, in order to minimise the possibility of theft. 



  • Rotary Piston (Pulse Ready)
  • Vacuum sealed, liquid filled cyclometer
  • Anti-tamper lead sealing
  • Dual Check Value conforms to AS2845.1 and AS4020
  • Pattern approved to NMI R-49 (NMI 14/3/22)

Outstanding Warranty

Technical Data

Maximum flow (Q4) m3/hr 5
Continuous flow (Q3) m3/hr 4
Transitional flow (Q2) l/h 32
Minimum flow (Q1) l/h 20
Temperature oC 50oC
Working pressure Mpa 1.4
Pressure loss at (Q4) Mpa < 0.04
Weight kg 0.89
WM-NWM-PE-DC 20 Volumetric Cold Water Meter

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