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PE IoT STONE Multisensor Platform


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About the PE IoT STONE Multisensor Platform

PE IoT STONE Multisensor Platform is a wireless environment sensor monitoring platform suitable for smart home and outdoor applications.  It is a complete end-to-end solution to utility companies, hardware manufacturers, system integrators or developers to design and develop their end user applications, and allows a new effective approach to energy saving.

The platform, integrating environmental sensors, Paradox Engineering network technology, a data collection engine and database management, consists of a wireless PE Smart Sensor Node, PE Smart Gateway (also wireless), and PE
Smart CMS. It can also leverage an existing PE Smart Urban Network deployed in the area.


  • Wireless IoT mesh network
  • Environmental sensors included
  • Capacitive digital sensor for relative humidity and temperature
  • Pressure: MEMS sensor
  • Presence / motion: infrared (PIR) sensor

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Radio Protocol 802.15.4g – 6LoWPAN
Data rate 50 Kbit/s
Tx power Up to + 10 dBm
Rx sensitivity -103 dBm

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