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  • Self-built, self-healing IPv5/6LoWPAN based fully-meshed network
  • Vehicle traffic counters
  • External alarms and other devices
  • Manage connected motion or light sensors

About the Paradox Engineering Lighting Management Node

PE.AMI lighting management nodes enable the implementation of a self-built, self-healing IPv6/6LoWPAN based full-meshed network to build a highly secure communication infrastructure for bidirectional data transmission.

Nodes can be customised to perform on/off as well as dimming functions on single or grouped lamps.  An AUZ input/output unit allows Nodes to manage connected motion or light sensors, vehicle traffic counters, external alarms and other devices, triggering defined commands upon specific events.


  • 868MHz, 915MHz or 920MHz radio frequencies supported
  • External, internal and 7 pin NEMA socket versions available
  • On/off and dimming functions for single or grouped lamps
  • Integrated flash memory and SQL database for internal data storage
  • AUX input/output to manage connected sensors and other field devices

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Parameters Accuracy
Radio protocol 802.15.4g - 6LoWPAN
Radio frequencies 868MHz, 915MHz, 920MHz
Radio modulation GFSK
Data rate 50kbps
Output power Up to + 27dBm
Receiver sensitivity -105dBm
Data transmission Bidirectional
Data encryption AES - 128bit
PE smart urban network diagram


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