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Digital Multifunction Meter


  • Analog meter replacement
  • Low voltage applications
  • Industrial and commercial panel metering
  • Substation, Factory and Building automation
  • Sub-metering and cost allocation
  • Ideal for retrofitting with the 100A/40mA SCCT option

About the PMC-D726M

The PMC-D726M Digital Multifunction Meter is aimed at the low-cost digital power/energy metering market.  Housed in an industry standard DIN form factor measuring 72mmx72mmx76.8mm, it is perfectly suited for industrial, commercial and utility metering applications.  It optionally provides two Digital Inputs for status monitoring, one Digital Output for control, or a single channel Analog Output for interfacing with third party SCADA systems.

The standard SOE Log records meter events such as power-off, setup changes, DI and DO operations in 1ms resolution.  With the optional RS485 port and Modbus protocol support, the PMC-D726M becomes a vital component of an intelligent, multifunction monitoring solution for any Power and Energy Management systems.



  • Bright 3-line LED display with high visibility
  • Password-protected setup via front panel or free PMC Setup software
  • Easy installation with mounting clips, no tools required

Outstanding Warranty

Three Year Warranty. A warranty reflects the quality of a product. CET provides Industrial grade products that are Tropicalized for use within humid environments. Unlike many other vendors whose products have limited warranties or products that are not built to last, CET products are rugged and have the warranty to match.


Parameters Accuracy Resolution
Voltage ±0.5% reading 0.1V
Current ±0.5% reading +0.05% F.S. 0.001A
kW, Kvar, kVA ±0.5% reading 0.001kX
kWh IEC 62053-21:2003 Class 1 0.1 kWh
kvarh IEC 62053-23:2003 Class 2 0.1kvarh
P.F. ±1.0% reading 0.001
Frequency ±0.02 Hz 0.01Hz
AO ±1% F.S. -
CET PMC-726 Digital Multifunction Meter

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