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WAGES Data Concentrator

In partnership with VRT Systems, CETA are offering a range of "WAGES Hub" devices, that can be used to deliver an enterprise-scale meter data collection system that aggregates large volumes of disparate metering data, stores it in a common format, and then (if required) pushes the data into centralised corporate reporting systems, or even a master energy management system.

About the WAGES Hub

WAGES Hub devices deliver an enterprise-scale meter data collection system that gathers data from a range of disparate metering, building management and control systems, and integrates it with a central energy management system or data warehouse.

If you operate a large collection of assets, chances are you will already have a significant investment in WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) metering systems, often installed to service other needs:

  • Electrical distribution systems often include electricity meters to monitor power and energy flows
  • Building management systems use water, electricity, gas and thermal meters to manage HVAC and other systems
  • Various plant packages and process control systems incorporate energy measurement to meet control or equipment protection requirements

In addition, it's quite likely you already have a variety of unconnected energy meters installed in buildings, or even one or more standalone energy management systems already collecting data.

You might already have investigated options to implement a common, business-wide energy management solution.  It all sound great in theory until you get down to the details of how you're going to integrate your existing energy recording equipment and systems (or face the cost of installing parallel metering systems).

Whilst most EMS vendors provide support for third party devices, the range of devices supported are often limited, features may be restricted (e.g. no interval log data transfer) and in some cases, the vendor even goes as far as charging a premium for third party device licences.  Truth is, many of the vendors would rather you just bought their meter.

These vendor limitations may not cause too many issues in a smaller green-field site where a system can be designed with compatible equipment from the outset, but when you're taking a business-wide perspective, it may not be practical to rip-and-replace to standardise on a vendor or model.  Its not just the cost of the meters - you need to consider the cost of installation, the cost of additional cabling, the difficulty finding additional board space in already cramped cabinets, and the possible disruption to your business to cut power for installation.

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