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Parking Space Sensor


  • Parking space detection

About the Tinynode Parking Sensor

A4 and B4 sensors provide a simple, cost effective and reliable way to detect if a car parking space is occupied by a car.

Designed to be fixed to the road with either screws or glue (A4) or set into the road surface (B4), Tinynode sensors can be implemented in both off-street and on-street car parking facilities, providing a valuable infrastructure for indoor or outdoor parking.  A4 and B4 sensors enable a number of parking related applications, including street-level parking, multi-storey car parks, time-limited parking lots, special spaces monitoring, law enforcement, etc.



  • Off-street and on-street car parking facilities
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Time-limited parking
  • Special spaces monitoring
  • Law enforcement


Vehicle occupancy detection accuracy exceeding 98%
Up to 10 years battery life
Radio communication availability above 99%
PE Tinynode Parking Sensor B4