Ethernet Serial Gateway


  • RS485 to Ethernet Converter.

About the PMC-1302 RS485 to Ethernet Converter

The PMC-1302 ESG is an Industrial RS485 to Ethernet Converter which provides one 10/100BaseT Ethernet port, one RS-485 port and one RS-485/RS-422 port. It is the ideal equipment for connecting RS-485 or RS-422 enabled serial devices to an IP-based Ethernet LAN, making it possible to access serial devices over your Ethernet network for any SCADA or Automation applications. The PMC-1302 has been specifically designed with industrial automation in mind and therefore provides un-surpassed performance and reliability under the harshest industrial or commercial environments.The PMC-1302 RS485 to Ethernet Converter supports the efficient transfer of serial packets between the upstream network-based applications and the downstream RS485/RS-422 serial devices via a TCP/IP connection. Instead of using a Windows based "Virtual COM" driver with a port-mapping utility, which is often plagued with driver incompatibility among the many different Windows versions, the PMC-1302 RS485 to Ethernet Converter allows applications to directly connect to it via a TCP/IP connection for the transfer of serial packets inside TCP/IP frames to and from downstream serial devices. Perfectly suited for communicating with industrial devices that have timing sensitive protocols, the PMC-1302 ESG provides a reliable interface which allows SCADA or similar applications that already support direct connection with Ethernet Gateway to communicate with serial devices independent of the serial protocol used.


  • 1x10/100BaseT, 1xRS-485 port and 1xRS-485/RS-422 port
  • 8 kV ESD protection
  • 1.5 kV isolation protection for Ethernet port
  • 3kV isolation protection for RS-485 and RS-422
  • Simple configuration via its built-in web interface
  • DIN-Rail or Wall Mount
  • Extended operating temperature

Outstanding Warranty

Three Year Warranty. A warranty reflects the quality of a product. CET provides Industrial grade products that are Tropicalized for use within humid environments. Unlike other many vendors whose products have limited warranties, products that are not built to last, CET products are rugged and have the warranty to match.



rs485 to Ethernet converter

Budgetary Price: AUD $560.00

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