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Industrial Energy Management

As manufacturers face an increasingly competitive global business environment, they seek opportunities to reduce production costs without negatively affecting product yield or quality. Uncertain energy prices in today’s marketplace negatively affect predictable earnings. For public and private companies alike, increasing energy prices are driving up costs and decreasing their value added. Successful, cost-effective investment into energy efficiency technologies and practices meet the challenge of maintaining the output of a high quality product despite reduced production costs. This is especially important, as energy-efficient technologies often include “additional” benefits, such as increasing the productivity of the company.

CETA's product portfolio covers all important aspects of an Industrial Energy Management program. From Meters, Communication Devices, through to a Energy Management software platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing deployment of Energy Meters

Of the major elements comprising a sound industrial energy management program, benchmarking energy use is one of the most important because it empowers manufacturing facilities to set goals for improvement and for monitoring progress. Setting plant energy performance indicators enables plant energy managers and corporate executives to evaluate the energy efficiency of their plants relative to that of the industry.

Pattern Approval in Australia

New legislation regarding Pattern Approval, how does it impact your projects?

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Measurement is key to bench-marking. CETA provides the metering products and Energy Management Software that will help any Industrial Manufacturer reduce energy related costs, meet regulatory constraints, and operate within environmental targets.


CETA Advantage

  • Strong product and solution offering
  • Device agnostic software solutions (integrates well with legacy metering deployments)
  • Depth of communications device products to reduce the risk and increase the reach of deployment
  • Large portfolio of meters that help fill the data gap in an EMS deployment


CETA Energy Management Software

CETA Software Portfolio

CETA's leadership in Energy Management Software is a direct result of providing platform solutions that are device agnostic. Integrate your entire Metering with software that connects, right out of the box.

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CETA Energy Meters

CETA Metering

CETA has a complete portfolio of Energy Meters to compliment your existing deployment of Metering devices. For your Energy Management System, CETA has your Energy Metering needs covered. 

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CETA Communication Devices

CETA Connectivity

CETA's connectivity device portfolio helps you bridge the communications gap between your Energy Management Software and your deployed metering products. Get Connected with CETA.

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The Case for an Industrial Energy Management System

Economic Benefits

The installation of an Energy Management System will gives facilities management teams the information required to make informed operational decisions. By monitoring energy usage, plant management staff can establish whether powered equipment equipment is being used efficiently or the impact of variances in power quality have on costs. By showing exactly how much it is costing to leave the devices on unattended, air conditioning in operation when not required or not turning the lights off. An Energy Management System will enable you to actively target cost saving goals.

Environmental Benefits

Reducing energy usage has a direct effect on CO2 emissions. Each kilowatt-hour consumed releases approximately 1 kilogram of greenhouse gases. Every tonne of CO2 released approximates one hectare of mature rainforest. It can easily be seen that every reduction in energy usage results in a reduction of CO2, which relieves a burden on our environment.

Realized Benefits of a Industrial Energy Management System

Xstrata Copper

In total, over the 18 month period of the installation of the Energy Management System, the interval meters and the required communications channels, Xstrata expended approximately $500K. In the first year, accurate measurement of the various site power demands and energy consumption has helped justify several projects, the first two of which have resulted in annual savings of approx $300k in energy consumption alone. The accumulated benefits over the coming years will far outweigh the cost of the system.



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