Embedded Networking Solutions

Power of Choice legislation has resulted in the introduction of new regulations by the Australian Energy Market Commission and National Energy Regulator.  The changes, to be introduced in the next two years, are designed to remove irregularities in the retail energy market that disadvantage residents in multi-tenanted dwellings.  They remove some older definitions of embedded network participants and introduce new ones.  They also specify a higher standard in the meter and data networking infrastructure than was adequate previously.  Meters in embedded networks in furure will need to comply with Type 4S and NER Schedule 7.5 requirements.  CETA has quality meters to meet these requirements.

CETA Advantage

  • - the CET PMC-230 Type 4S meter has the smallest footprint in the industry
  • - disconnect relay
  • - storage of energy profiles exceeds 12 months
  • - easy to install DIN meters
  • - Modbus support makes it easy to interface with WideSky Hubs to form a Thread certified wireless mesh network for secure connection to the Internet, independently of the IT network
  • - easy pulse (water, gas) meter integration
  • - highly scaleable solution, large portfolios

CETA Embedded Networking Solution Software

  • - supports the WideSky cloud based meter data platform for large, wide area meter populations - portfolio
  • - WideSky also enables the integration of meters via other communications technologies, e.g. LoRaWAN, Waveness, Open Thread
  • - easy integration with third part MDP software


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