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CETA Advantage for Kiosk Subs or Master Switch Board Metering

CETA's portfolio of Energy and Power Quality Metering products combine industrial grade technology at an affordable price. Electrical Contractors, Facilities Owners, and System Integrators trust CETA for their total metering offering because:

  • CETA's Pattern Approved Metering products
  • Robust Warranty for total risk reduction
  • Tropicalized products for working in humid environments
  • CETA has a depth of technology and expertise. From Pattern Approved Meters, communications devices, and EMS software products, no distributor is better positioned as a complete product portfolio provider for Energy metering and Power Quality
  • CETA product portfolio includes an Energy Management System product (PecStar) for the projects that require advanced integration with legacy metering systems

Unlike other metering providers that lock customers in to a single vendor solution, CETA have a wide range of communications products that help reduce the total integration costs and enable clients to truly get a best of breed solution.

Usage Scenarios

  • Kiosk
  • Pad mount subs
  • Building incommers
  • Feeders for asset/energy monitoring

Thing to consider when choosing a Master Switch Board Metering Product

  • Will National Measurement Institute's (NMI) Pattern Approval be required for your application?
  • What communications devices will be required to integrate with an Energy Management System?
  • What is the minimum warranty required for your project success?

Typical Specifications of Main Switchboard Meters

  • Operating temperature range of -25°C to + 70°C.
  • Circuit boards to be tropicalised.
  • Enclosure rating of .IP52 or better.
  • Industrial Grade Components
  • ...

Click below to download the full list of minimum requirements for your next Main Switchboard meter.

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