Energy Management for Data Centres

Data Centre Energy Management Solutions

Data Centres are increasingly a crucial aspect for many medium to large organisations around the world. The key concerns for data centres are reliability, efficiency and security. Electrical metering is a key technology in monitoring and management of reliability and efficiency. Measurement of electrical parameters, energy and power quality down to a granular level provides Data Centre operators and customers the data they need to ensure that they are achieving the expected performance.
CETA is a leader in Data Centre metering solutions. CETA's product portfolio covers all aspects of Data Centre electrical metering, from fit-for-purpose meters, communication devices through to an energy management software platform that seamlessly integrates with virtually all meters and IT systems. 

Green Star - Performance Business Case

Should data centres operations be concerned about greenhouse gas emissions?

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Product Spotlight: CET PMC-592 Energy Meter





PMC 592 Data Centre Energy Meter

The PMC-592 MCPM is CET’s latest offer for the power/energy monitoring for Data Center applications as well as applications which require multi-circuit monitoring. Housed in compact metal enclosure, the PMC-592 is perfectly suited for applications that have tight spacing requirements


  • Power/Energy monitoring for Data Centers' PDUs
  • Utility substation multi-circuit monitoring
  • Extensive logging capability with on-board memory
  • Power quality monitoring and waveform recording
  • Maximum Demand Indicator




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