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CETA Advantage for Energy Management Systems

Regardless of whether an EMS is for a Commercial Tower, a Campus type of facility with multiple buildings or a Residential High Rise the basic system components are the same.

  •  Metering (Electrical and Mechanical Power Meters, Water and Gas)
  •  Data Communication Equipment
  •  EMS Software


The system shall generally comprise:

  • Energy meters, intelligent energy meters and power quality energy meters installed in electrical switchboards connected via RS-485 serial networks.
  • Water, Gas, Thermal, Chilled Water and Steam meters (incorporating pulsed outputs provided by other Trades)
  • Data gathering devices for logging outputs from pulsed output meters
  • Serial device servers for collecting information from RS-485 metering networks and outputting to a Fibre or Ethernet network.
  • Proprietary software package for data acquisition, monitoring and reporting.


CETA's portfolio of Energy and Power Quality Metering products and solutions puts CETA in a leadership position for EMS.  Electrical Contractors, Facilities Owners, and System Integrators trust CETA for their total metering offering because:

  • CETA's Pattern Approved Metering products
  • CETA has a depth of technology and expertise. From Pattern Approved Meters, communications devices, and EMS software products, no distributor is better positioned as a complete product portfolio provider for Energy metering and Power Quality
  • CETA product portfolio includes an Energy Management System product (PecStar) for the projects that require advanced integration with legacy metering systems

Unlike other metering providers that lock customers in to a single vendor solution, CETA products adopt open standards to reduce the total integration costs and enable clients to truly get a best of breed solution. 


Click on the Download button to download the complete requirements checklist for your EMS.  If you would like the specification in Word format, please contact us for a copy.

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