Buildings and Facilities Energy Management Solutions

Buildings and Facilities Energy Management Solutions

For Electrical Contractors, System Integrators and Facility managers who are looking to meet regulatory, environmental, and economic targets, accurate energy measurement is the critical first step. CETA's portfolio of Energy Metering products and communications devices deliver unprecedented warranties at competitive price points. If you are serious about your Facilities Energy Management, CETA is your solution partner.


Should building owners, operators and tenants seek a Green Star - Performance certification?

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Metering: Measurement for Success

  • Improve Greenstar rating for the efficient construction of a building
  • Meet NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) legislation for the efficient operation of a building
  • Meet regulatory requirements for Metering for floor areas over 2500 sq m
  • Metering of circuit loads over 100kVa
  • NGERS Carbon Reporting
  • Meet NMI "For Trade" Pattern Approval requirements


CETA's Product Portfolio Spans the Entire Facility



Pattern Approval in Australia

New legislation regarding Pattern Approval, how does it impact your projects?

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CETA for Commercial Buildings and Facilities Metering
Meter Service Application Comments
Incomer (M1) Supply check meter and Power Quality Meter Billing and Tax Calculations
Main Switch Board (M2) Power distribution to Distribution Boards Energy Management/Efficiency
Common services divided among Tenants Outgoing calculations
Distribution Board (M3) Power and light distibution per floor Energy Management/Efficiency
Common services divided among Tenants Outgoing Calculations
Tenant (M4) Power supply to Tenant Billing
Final Sub Circuit (M5) Final single phase sub-circuits Grid Feed-in
Individual plant and equipment Energy Management/Efficiency


Metering Implications in Australian Commercial Buildings

NABERS, Green Star, CBD, BCA and NMI: The Implications on Metering in Australian Commercial Buildings

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