Billing Meter Data Solutions

Billing Meter Data Solutions

The markets for "billing metering" requiring pattern approved energy meters has expanded in recent years from mainly people (residential and commercial tenants) to things (solar PV, EV chargers, battery storage, services pedestals, etc.) which are designed to participate in some form of commercial marketplace (grid connection, VPP (Virtual Power Plants), etc.  These sorts of applications are often characterised by the smaller physical space available to mount the pattern approved meters inside the housing of the ancilliary equipment.

The CET range of small DIN mountable meters are well suited to this marketplace.  They are often coupled with some form of wireless communications device.

CETA Advantage

  • - smallest footprint in the industry
  • - easy to install DIN meters
  • - Modbus support makes it easy to interface with Wattwatchers or other 4G modems for connection to the Internet,   independently of the IT network
  • - easy pulse (water, gas) meter integration
  • - seamless integration with WideSky cloud based meter data platform
  • - supports industry standard NEM12 and NEM13 data formats for transfer to billing software
  • - highly scaleable solution, large portfolios

CETA Billing Meter Data Solution Software

  • - supports the CET Pecstar EMS software for large, local meter populations
  • - supports the WideSky cloud based meter data platform for large, wide area meter populations - portfolio
  • - open Modbus communications facilitates easy connection with third part monitoring and billing software


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