"As the incumbent installer of street lights for the Yarrabilba precinct being developed by huge Australian Multi-National Lend Lease, we were supplied with some eight TransLEDer 48W LED street lights. It was a first for us installing this brand of Luminaire and we were pleasantly surprised at some of the built in features that help to make installation easier. Starting with the water proof Wieland connectors are so much better and easier to work with than the typical “Push-wire” terminals. Because of the water proof nature of these connectors even doing an install in the rain means you don’t have to turn the light upside down to keep the water off the connector. Another unique feature is the spirit level built into the top surface of the luminaire which makes installing the light on the level, a breeze. The general look and feel of this hardware gives the feeling of quality and we would always be happy to be installing these on any future projects."
Kale Reed
Construction Manager | CB Energy
"I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the factory and the thoroughness of the QA procedures for component procurement, through in process testing, to final product testing, that I had no hesitation in going with CET. Since then, the project has been completed without any problems, including integration with the BMS, which can often be a tricky area."
Gary Klenner
Owner | Klenner Murphy
CETA had targeted the new King George Square commercial building in Brisbane as the flagship project to launch the entry of CET power metering products into Australia. Klenner Murphy Electrical had been selected by the builder, Thiess Constructions, as the successful electrical contractor. As part of his evaluation process, Gary Klenner, the owner of Klenner Murphy, decided to accompany, Michael Manthey, the M&E Services Manager for Thiess, on a visit to the CET factory in Shenzhen.
"We are extremely pleased with the support we have received form VRT and CETA since this dramatic decision to switch. The migration of over 12 months of energy and PQ data was performed flawlessly. We are so impressed with both the quality of the CET products and the levels of support from VRT and CETA, that we have entered into a higher level collaborative relationship with both parties."
Lucas Gilroy
Facilities Manager | John Paul College
In 2011, John Paul College (JPC) was in the middle of Stage 1 of the installation of an Energy Management System (EMS) based on products from a major international supplier of energy efficiency products. At a time when JPC was in crucial need of support for a delicate software migration exercise, they were let down seriously by their supplier who had just aggregated several regional Asia/Pacific support centres to a new centralised centre in China. Unfortunately they had lost their key support people during the transition. Lucas Gilroy, the Facilities Manager for the JPC campus, regarded this situation as unsustainable and immediately switched to CET products to be supplied by CETA Systems Integrator, VRT Systems.
"VRT Systems sees the partnership with CETA as a strategic competitive advantage. CETA's product portfolio is outstanding. High quality products, unmatched warranties, and highly responsive support. The team at CETA have helped me provide best of breed solutions for my customers."
John Meehan
Managing Director | VRT Systems
"We implemented a state of the art metering and monitoring system that provides real time submetering capability at Gallipoli Barracks. Electricity consumption at 2HSB has been reduced by around 30% by initiatives that introduced improved water heating technology."
Kevin Bridge
Regional Energy and Sustainability Manager | Australian Department of Defence
"In total, over the 18 month period of the installation of the energy management system, the interval meters and the required communications channels, Xstrata expended approximately $500K. In the first year, accurate measurement of the various site power demands and energy consumption has helped justify several projects, the first two of which have resulted in annual savings of approx $300k in energy consumption alone. The accumulated benefits over the coming years will far outweigh the cost of the system."
Greg Will
Energy Management Superintendent | Xstrata Copper

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