John Paul College EMS System Upgrade Completed

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CETA's Brisbane based systems integrator, VRT Systems had a busy month in June, migrating the John Paul College (JPC) ION Enterprise EMS to the CET PecStar system. Approximately 2 years of energy data was migrated. PecStar continues to communicate with the existing ION meters vis its proprietary ION protocol. Approximately 20 CET meters have been added. These communicate via the modbus protocol.

Water metering had previously run in a separate system but this has now been integrated into PecStar, along with a few gas meters. The pulse meters communicate via a Coronis wireless mesh network.

In addition to this monitoring infrastructure, VRT implemented is Visual Workplace. This incorporates a 3D model of the campus, inserted into a games engine. Real-time data from the energy and water monitoring systems, animated sections of the 3D models to produce heat maps representing efficiency, etc.

This extremely advanced system was demonstrated at JPC's recent annual ERA5 exhibition and received rave reviews from all attendees from all Australian states, including the renowned Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, seen here having an animated conversation with John Meehan from VRT Systems and Simon Ki from CET, China.

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