Understanding the regulatory context for your next metering project can be a daunting task. Whether you are building an Energy Management System to meet corporate targets or are looking to reduce your exposure to regulatory constraints, the following resource will help you make informed decisions.

Commercial Buildings in Australia are regulated by numerous laws, rules, codes, guidelines and programs. These regulations are in place to ensure minimum standards in order to protect owners, tenants and occupants as well as ensure an evolution towards improved sustainability and efficiency.  The Webcast provides a non-exhaustive overview of the impact of regulations and  focuses on electrical, water and thermal metering.

This webcast is aimed at Building Consultants, Main Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Switch Board Manufacturers, Systems Integrators and Building Management System Installers to provide an overview of Pattern Approved electrical metering in Australia as well as practical information to assist with decision making for sub-metering solutions in commercial buildings and facilities.

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