Paradox Engineering

PE smart urban network diagram

PE.AMI lighting management nodes enable the implementation of a self-built, self-healing IPv6/6LoWPAN based full-meshed network to build a highly secure communication infrastructure for bidirectional data transmission. 

PE IoT Gateway

PE IoT Gateway is the device and network coordinator and data concentrator of PE Smart Urban Network.

PE IoT STONE Multisensor Platform is a wireless environment sensor monitoring platform suitable for smart home and outdoor applications.


PE Smart Nodes are SubGHz IPv6/6LoWPAN hardware radio devices. Connected to streetlights, they collect information and communicate with PE Smart Gateway forwarding data, receiving commands and executing them to allow full remote control of the luminaire.

VRT Systems

WideSky Hub

About the WideSky Hub

WideSky® Hub is a low-cost wireless mesh solution for distributed metering applications.

Designed to be an easily installed highly resilient metering solution, the WideSky® Hub Integrates seamlessly with Modbus and pulse metering devices while removing the need for time consuming and often difficult communications cable runs. With a node to node distance of up to 200m, even the most complex installations become easy to manage.

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