CETA's connectivity device portfolio helps you bridge the communications gap between your Energy Management Software and your deployed metering products. Get Connected with CETA.


industrial rs485 hub PMC-1220E

The PMC-1220E is an Industrial RS485 hub with one upstream port and four downstream ports.

rs485 to Ethernet converter

The PMC-1302 ESG is an Industrial RS485 to Ethernet Converter  which provides one 10/100BaseT Ethernet port, one RS-485 port and one RS-485/RS-422 port.

CET PMC-1304-3

The PMC-1304-3 Communcations Processor is a fully integrated solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data applications.

Multiport Serial to Ethernet Converter

The PMC‐1380 Multiport Serial to Ethernet converter is the ideal piece of equipment for connecting RS‐232 or RS‐485 enabled serial devices to an IP‐based Ethernet LAN, making it possible to access serial devices over your Ethernet network for control applications.

Industrial Fibre Ethernet Converter: PMC-2105 from CETA Meters

The PMC-2105 Industrial Fibre Ethernet Switch supports plug-and-play capability with a single 100BaseFX fiber port and four 10/100BaseT ports.

industrial fibre ethernet switch

The PMC‐2208 is an 8‐port, managed, Industrial Redundant Fibre Ethernet Switch.

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU): PMC-518 from CETA Energy Meters

The PMC‐518 RTU is an intelligent remote terminal unit, featuring quality construction, DIN rail mount and a large, easy to read LCD display.



WAGES Hub devices deliver an enterprise-scale meter data collection system that gathers data from a range of disparate metering, building management and control systems, and integrates it with a central energy management system or data warehouse.

Paradox Engineering

PE IoT Gateway

PE IoT Gateway is the device and network coordinator and data concentrator of PE Smart Urban Network.


PE Smart Nodes are SubGHz IPv6/6LoWPAN hardware radio devices. Connected to streetlights, they collect information and communicate with PE Smart Gateway forwarding data, receiving commands and executing them to allow full remote control of the luminaire.

PE Multisensor

PE IoT STONE Multisensor Platform is a wireless environment sensor monitoring platform suitable for smart home and outdoor applications.


SITRANS FUE950 is a universal thermal energy calculator, which meets the requirements EN 1434 and has the MID and PTB K7.2 approval for energy metering with the media water. 

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