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Smart Maximum Demand Meter (MDI)

The PMC-509 is a flexible multi-circuit multifunction distribution board metering product. The PMC-509 represents a lower total cost of deployment product.


  • Analog meter replacement
  • Low and medium voltage applications
  • Industrial and commercial panel metering
  • Substation, building and factory automation
  • Sub-metering and cost allocation

About the PMC-509 Maximum Demand MDI Energy Meter

The PMC-509 is a multi-circuit, Maximum Demand Meter, featuring quality construction, DIN rail mount and a large, easy to read LCD display. It comes with either 6 Current Inputs and 3 RTD Inputs or 9 Current Inputs. The PMC-509 also provides the options of 4 self-excited Digital Inputs for status monitoring. Further, the SOE Log records all setup changes and optionally Digitial Input events in 1ms resolution. With the standard RS485 port and Modbus RTU protocol support, the PMC-509 becomes a vital component in any asset management systems.


  • High Accuracy Measurements
  • Status Input Monitoring
  • Analog Output
  • SOE Log
  • RS485 Communications
  • Large LCD Display

Outstanding Warranty

Three Year Warranty. A warranty reflects the quality of a product. CET provides Industrial grade products that are Tropicalized for use within humid environments. Unlike many other vendors whose products have limited warranties or products that are not built to last, CET products are rugged and have the warranty to match.


Parameters Accuracy Resolution
Current ±0.5% reading +0.05% F.S. 0.001A
Temperature ±0.1oC 0.1oC


Maximum Demand MDI Energy Meter-PMC-509

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