PMC-220 Pattern Approved Single-Phase Digital Energy Meter

The PMC-220 Pattern Approved Single-Phase Multifunction Meter for the low voltage energy metering market features DIN rail mount, compact construction, 63A direct current input and high accuracy measurements. 

CET PMC-340 NMI Approved 3 Phase Energy Meter

The NMI Approved PMC-340 Digital Three-Phase Energy Meter is CET’s latest offer for the low voltage power/energy metering market featuring DIN rail mount, high accuracy, multifunction measurements and a large, easy to read 7-segment LCD display.


EDMI Mk7 Pattern Approved Meter

The Mk7C is a single phase Time of Use (TOU) domestic revenue meter designed for advanced utilities in deregulated and deregulating markets who are committed to providing consumers better quality metering services and not just basic electricity measurement.


Mk10H is EDMI's first poly phase DIN Rail meter that is designed for sub-metering users.

EDMI Mk10A Pattern Approved Advanced Three Phase Revenue Meter

The Mk10A is a Pattern Approved Atlas series meter. The Mk10A has advanced communications capabilities for use in Power Quality indication, advanced commissioning functionality and large memory storage.

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