On 1 January 2013, The National Measurements Act 1960 was amended to lift the exemption for Pattern Approval of electrical meters. This has had a profound impact on sub-metering of commercial buildings and facilities. Unfortunately, the legal and practical impact of this change is not well understood and is resulting in some stakeholders in this field making conservative or incorrect decisions.

This white paper has been written for Building Consultants, Electrical Contractors, Switch Board Manufacturers and Systems Integrators to provide:

  • a concise overview of the topic of Pattern Approved electrical metering in Australia,
  • links to reference documents and websites,
  • practical information on Pattern Approved metering to assist the reader in acquiring a basic level of knowledge for decision making for sub-metering applications in commercial buildings and facilities.

What is Pattern Approval

Pattern Approval (P.A.) is the process of testing and assessing a pattern (type) of electricity meter to ensure that it is capable of maintaining accuracy when subjected to influences and disturbances (eg. variations in temperature, ...

Sam Crisafulli, Dennis Henry
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