This white paper is aimed at Building Owners, Consultants, Sustainability Managers, Facility Managers, Electrical Engineers, Electrical Contractors and Mechanical Services Contractors who are involved in the construction or refurbishment of commercial buildings in Australia. It provides an overview of the impact of regulations on metering. While these regulations are all driving in the same direction, they are typically not completely aligned so it can be difficult to understand how they apply. This white paper will cover the following topics:

  • What is NABERS, Green Star, CBD, BCA and NMI
  • What terminology is used for metering and what are the definitions
  • What considerations need to be given to metering
  • What are the specifications and constraints on metering solutions for various situations
  • What are the typical problems encountered with metering systems
  • Where is the source material for further research on these topics.
Sam Crisafulli and Jonathan Dalton
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