Three Phase Revenue Meter


  • Billing
  • Tax Calculations
  • Energy Use Optimization

About the EDMI Mk6E Three Phase Revenue Meter

From experience gained in countries that have understood the issues associated with deregulation, the EDMI Mk6E energy meters have been adapted to cater for the needs of both utilities and customers, without sacrificing reliability, accuracy or security. The EDMI Mk6E offer features that are unparalleled in the market place.

Deregulation challenges the traditional thinking of metering engineers.  All over the world, the Producers and Distributors of electric energy are confronted with the challenges of liberalization and deregulation.  Demands from customers and the challenges of new commercial strategies are forcing the producers and suppliers of electricity to be more flexible and competitive in their transactions with customers by offering innovative tariffs and value added services.

There are greater demands for improved quality and the quantity of information from metering systems to meet the needs of:

  • Generation utilities
  • Transmission utilities
  • Distribution utilities
  • Regulators
  • Electricity retailing companies
  • Customers


Pattern Approval in Australia

New legislation regarding Pattern Approval, how does it impact your projects?

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  • Sustained accuracy and reliability
  • Data intergrity and data security
  • Easy remote access
  • Reduction of stock levels by allowing wide voltage and current ranges
  • GPRS Capability
  • Power Quality Indication
  • Advanced Tamper Detection
  • High accuracy
  • Tamper detection
  • Sag and swell analysis (half cycle resolution)
  • Quality of supply (On board harmonic analysis)


  • Class 0.2S / 0.5S

Applicable Standards

  • IEC 62053-22, IEC 62052-11
  • NEM compliant


Dispelling the Myths of Pattern Approval in Australia

Confused abvout the new legislation regarding Pattern Approval, how does it impact your projects?

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EDMI Mk6 Pattern Approved Three Phase Revenue Meter