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PE Smart Node - Lighting


  • Full remote control of the luminaire.
  • On/off as well as dimming functions
  • Event logger and scheduler

About the PE Smart Node

PE Smart Nodes are SubGHz IPv6/6LoWPAN hardware radio devices. Connected to streetlights, they collect information and communicate with PE Smart Gateway forwarding data, receiving commands and executing them to allow full remote control of the luminaire.

PE Smart Nodes enable the implementation of a self-built, self-healing IPv6/6LoWPAN based meshed network to build a highly secure communication infrastructure for bidirectional data transmission. They support 868MHz, 915MHz and 920MHz radio frequencies.

PE Smart Lighting Nodes are equipped with a digital input for additional connected motion sensors, vehicle traffic counters, tilt sensors and other devices, triggering condition-based dynamic lighting. NEMA versions also feature a light sensor and a GPS receiver (optional for other external mounting versions).


  • Internal and external mounting versions available
  • On/off and dimming functions
  • Alarm detection
  • Embedded metering functionality
  • GPS receiver
  • Integrated flash memory


Parameters Accuracy Resolution
Voltage ±0.5% reading 0.01V
Current ±0.5% reading +0.05% F.S. 0.001A
kW, KVar, kVA IEC 62053-21 Class 1 0.001k
kWh, kVAh IEC 62053-21 Class 1 0.1 kXh